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Let’s dive into this bowl of bubble tea. As you can see, the market has been in a rather good mood.

TON has surpassed both Solana (SOL) and Tron (TRX) in terms of market capitalization, earning a warm "welcome to the TOP 10" from the market. Just yesterday, it even briefly outpaced DOGE in market cap.

So, what's the story behind this mysterious, relentless mustang?

The journey began several years ago with the creation of the TON blockchain platform. However, the SEC stepped in, asserting that the blockchain had no place within the Telegram app.

Since 2020, TON has been sustained by an independent developer community, effectively distancing itself from its messenger roots—a move that might have actually been beneficial.

With the expiration of SEC's limitations, TON has ventured onto a new path, yet it continues to serve as an intriguing add-on for the Telegram messenger.

The Telegram team has future plans to deepen its blockchain integration within the app. All such integrations will function as mini-apps, akin to the Wallet feature, which signaled the beginning of this growth trajectory.

For example, as soon as this November, Telegram is slated to integrate the non-custodial TON Space wallet. This will include standard staking features, DeFi protocols, NFTs, and similar functionalities.

Given Telegram's extensive user base, these integrations are poised to accelerate the adoption of Web3 technologies among non-crypto users.

And lately, nobody seems to be overly concerned about the SEC anymore.

ETH/BTC (The Ethereum-to-Bitcoin price)
In a market awash with green, one anomaly stands out: "Ethereum's Bitcoin price has fallen to its lowest in 14 months."

But what does it mean?

Traders are either selling their ETH for Bitcoin or not buying ETH using Bitcoin.

Despite Ethereum's capabilities, Bitcoin continues to dominate mainstream adoption, influencing Ethereum's comparative price.

The transition to Ethereum 2.0's Proof-of-Stake didn't meet expectations, adding to the downward pressure.

More factors may be at play, but these stand out as the most evident.

TL;DR: TON has surged in market capitalization, outpacing SOL, TRX, and even briefly DOGE. Meanwhile, Ethereum's Bitcoin price hits a 14-month low due to traders favoring Bitcoin over ETH, impacting Ethereum's price despite its capabilities and Ethereum 2.0's transition challenges.


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What You Will Learn:

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  • Best Case Studies: Understand how Web3 technologies are being applied in the real world through compelling case studies.

  • And much more cool stuff

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Event Details:

When: This Thursday, September 21, 16:00 UTC+3 / 11:00 EDT
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So, don’t miss out! You’ll be able to join the Q&A Session by clicking right here.


We've gathered some intriguing projections about how blockchain and cryptocurrency could change our lives by 2035. Which is pretty soon…

🎓So, imagine a world where universities issue degrees as Soul-Bound Tokens (SBTs), secure and unchangeable.

👩‍⚕️Personal health records are securely encrypted on the blockchain, ensuring both privacy and accuracy.

🏠The role of virtual real estate agents has become a legitimate profession.

🏃‍♀️Athletes/Influencers/Musicians/Artists have found a way to tokenize their performances, allowing fans to invest in future achievements.

🗳The process of all the elections has been streamlined and secured through blockchain and zero-knowledge technology. 

🙋‍♀️Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) actively govern local communities.

🔍Supply chains and manufacturing of physical goods have achieved an exquisite level of transparency.

Well, that’s the ideal. But you know, it’s easy to daydream, and there’s a reason why the saying “Man plans, God laughs” exists.

But, so what? Imagine describing for early blockchain enthusiasts in 2010 about what the year 2023 will look like.

The future is never late, nor is it early, it arrives precisely when it means to.

But we wonder how you feel about this so-called crypto future.

So, what's your take?

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