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In 2023, financial losses stemming from attacks and fraudulent activities by North Korean hackers totaled $340.4 million.

A sharp decline of 80% compared to 2022.

This marks a new low since 2020, as is evident in the accompanying graph!

Time to celebrate? Not so fast!

Regrettably, this downward trend shouldn't be interpreted as a decrease in criminal activities.

In fact, the year 2022 set an alarmingly high benchmark.

Another significant detail to consider is that the cumulative losses attributed to North Korean hackers amount to an impressive $3.54 billion.

DefiLlama has also assembled data on all crypto-related hacks, revealing that the total financial damage thus far is $7 billion.

Now, let's connect the puzzle: North Korean groups are responsible for a substantial ~50% of this overall financial toll. The scale of their involvement in cybercrime is evidently immense.

It’s a concrete problem. Solving it would make things look a whole lotta better.

Maybe one could even say… that the night of North Korea-related crypto crime… is coming to an end? Well, that would be great.

TL;DR: In 2023, financial losses stemming from North Korea-related cyber crime in the crypto realm totaled $340.4 million. It’s a sharp decline of 80% compared to 2022.


The first TV series featuring blockchain integration is gearing up for its premiere.

Handling this groundbreaking integration is the team at Blockchain Creative Labs. While it's difficult to pin down exactly what they specialize in, better to believe they will pull out all the stops to make a memorable impact.

Back in 2021, media giant FOX announced its entry into the NFT sector.

They began developing the animated series "Krapopolis" from Dan Harmon, co-creator of "Rick and Morty," which is set to release on September 24, 2023 — this upcoming Sunday!

So, how do NFTs fit into the picture?

In a unique twist, the creators have incorporated NFTs into the production process by introducing NFT-enabled chickens!

Holders of these special chicken passes can influence various elements of the show, gain access to exclusive behind-the-scenes content, and participate in real-life experiences with the cast and crew. 

Additional perks include official merchandise and digital goods. Intriguingly, some lucky holders’ chicken NFTs will even make a cameo in the series itself.

Are we all set to stock up on popcorn and await the unveiling of the first Blockchain Marvel?

The initial success and utility of these NFTs could set the stage for the extent to which future players will want to engage in this emerging blockchain/NFT landscape.

Currently, the show has already been greenlit for a third season. While the concept is undoubtedly innovative, its success hinges on various factors.

Conduct your own research, and keep an eye out: you may discover their NFTs being offered at more competitive prices on various marketplaces, as they haven’t yet been fully minted.

TL;DR: The first TV series featuring blockchain integration is gearing up for its premiere. It’s called "Krapopolis" and is set to release on September 24, 2023, this upcoming Sunday.


The recent Grand Prix in Singapore revealed an interesting fact for us to consider. Specifically:

When comparing this year's Formula 1 event in Singapore to what occurred exactly one year ago, a notable change can be observed.

During this year's Grand Prix, F1 had 10 crypto sponsors, a decrease from last year's count of 16.

Below are the images showcasing the examples.

But as we know, similarly to the situation with hackers from above - it doesn’t show the whole picture, yet it’s something to keep in mind.


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